Chiropractic Testimonials

“Due to neuropathy, my feet were hot and swollen. They burned and I had to sleep with my feet out from under the covers year round. I could not wear closed shoes due to increased foot pain. After completing the neuropathy treatment plan recommended by Dr. Peseau, I can now wear closed shoes, sleep with covers over my feet and my balance is better! I thank dr. Peseau for the wonderfull treatments and I recommend the clinic to anyone with back or neuropathy problems. The doctors and staff are especially kind and friendly. They helped me when my medical doctors did not know what to do or what was causing my foot neuropathy. Thanks to Dr. Peseau!”

- Dorthy Ewing

“Before coming to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I had a lot of pain in my legs and was dragging my left leg and could not stand up straight. I was prescribed a neuropathy treatment program that included decompression therapy. I really like the decompression and now am almost standing straight and no longer drag my left leg.”

- Jason Steinbauch

“The doctors at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic are the best at getting to the problem. They are very friendly. You feel as if you are part of the family. Before coming here, my feet and legs were in severe pain. Now, after my neuropathy treatment program, my improvement is 99% better and I am able to walk again!”

- Michelle Resnick

“I came to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic with chronic back pain and lots of foot pain from neuropathy. Now, after starting the neuropathy treatment program, I am 95% improved. I feel good about it and can even smile more! The doctors are pleasant to work with and do get results!”

- Ron DeMuynck

“When I first started treatment, I had chronic lower back pain, burning feet and hip pain even after several appointments with MD’s and physical therapy treatments with no relief. The procedures prescribed by Dr. Peseau have given me considerable pain relief! I am 80% better. I can walk with more ease. I don’t have nearly the pain after sitting for long periods of time. Initially, I never thought these procedures would help, but now, those procedures have done better to restore my back to near normal than anything I tried previously before coming here. Very professional in keeping me informed of issues with my sciatic nerves. Friendly staff. Very efficient and very comfortable environment.”

- Mike Dean

“I have chemo related peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet, also chronic low back and neck pain. After starting treatment at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I have received relief in between my chemo treatments. My neck is much improved and my headaches are gone. I am so thankful to have found somewhere to get help for neuropathy instead of having to take more pills. It has helped lessen the symptoms. I so appreciate their interest in ,me. They go beyond the expected treatment and help in so many ways outside of just chiropractic methods.”

- Dawn Carman

“When I first came to the Arlington spine Center, I had a herniated disc with neuropathy into my legs and feet and Dr. Peseau helped me make a full recovery. Now I can sit, stand and tie my shoes! I believe that maintaining balance in your body through chiropractic treatment is very important for better overall health. Everyone at the Arlington Spine Center treats you like family. Wonderful people work there!”

- Kim Blackshear

“Dr. Peseau and his staff are so personal in their approach and really care about my needs to get well. I have completed their corrective care program, and was enjoying an excellent back and coming in for periodic maintenance care. Just recently at Boeing, I was doing a new job and really hurt my back, injuring a disc. Dr. Peseau immediately recognized my problem, ordered an MRI and diagnosed the problem correctly. Without chiropractic care, I could not do my job or even turn my neck or have decent range of motion. I just feel so much better after an adjustment and my quality of life is so much better!! Thanks to the Doctors and staff at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic.”

- Terry Roed

“Dr. Peseau and staff at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic are very helpful and friendly and always find a way to get you in for an appointment quickly. They teach all of their patients an amazing home care program of stretching, strengthening, icing and which supplements to take to recover and stay healthy. The home care program is highly effective yet very simple to do every day and really have increased my range of motion. The treatments and home care program have made a huge difference in my mobility and range of motion! I can now walk more often, lift my leg and put on my socks while standing up. I know these things sound simple, but you never really realize how important they are until you are unable to do them because of pain. I feel much better now!”

- Leslie Higgins

"I had such severe back and leg pain that I could barely walk and it took me several minutes to get on or off the table or bed! After meeting Dr. Peseau, he took an x-ray and explained my condition in very simple terms that my husband and I understood. We immediately trusted Dr. Peseau and decided to follow his recommendations. Within a week or two, my back and leg pain improved 95%. I am a healthcare provider, responsible for patient care and now my job is fun and tolerable again. I sleep well again and can enjoy exercise. Dr. Peseau and his staff are very professional in their job. Thanks a bunch!"

- Connie Dondria

“I had a severe neuropathy in my leg after an amusement park accident that trapped my leg and injured the nerve and tissues. After treatment with Dr. Peseau I feel a lot better and have regained much of the feeling in my leg. I am now able to stand and walk without much pain!!! Keep up the great work and I thank you for all you have helped me with. I will be recommending this clinic to friends and family in the future!”

- Daniel Jordan

“I was constantly experiencing varying levels of pain throughout my body due to my herniated disc. Exercise seemed to help a little but the constant “RING OF FIRE” around my waist persisted. Now, after completing Dr. Peseau’s Decompression Program, I am experiencing better range of motion and am bending and walking more like normal. I can bend over to put on my shoes! So far, everyone at Arlington Spine and Joint Center has been extremely pleasant and helpful in trying to help me achieve my goals. The clinic is well equipped and the doctors are friendly, knowledgeable and quite capable of performing their work.”

- Ray Rubalcava

“I was miserable standing for any length of time or sitting. I could not sleep and had constant leg pain and weakness in the leg and foot. Actually, I was thinking I was crazy! Now after starting Dr. Peseau’s Decompression Program, I am sleeping at night, can go shopping without excruciating pain, my posture is much better and I mentally feel much better. My results are UNBELIEVABLE! After 1 ½ years of ping pong between specialists only to be told they could do nothing for me, now I have renewed hope and have seen benefits after only 10 visits of decompression. I wish I would have done this sooner! I learned more about my back pain and spine in two visits with Dr. Peseau than in a year with other medical professionals. I feel they truly listen and care.”

- Anita Stuestall

“I feared having to get surgery on my low back. I had neuropathy in my legs and feet from the pressure on nerves in my back. Now, after finishing Dr. Peseau’s Decompression Program, I am 90% recovered! They explained my problems very clearly so I understood what was wrong with my back. They truly seem to care how I’m feeling. They are very thoughtful about your well being. This clinic has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced and I am getting better! I am very grateful for their help.”

- Donald Cool

“It was painful and an extreme effort to climb 4 small stairs when I first arrived at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic for my first visit. I was hunched over. Now, after starting the decompression program, my shoulders are back to normal, I am breathing easier and I am standing taller. My hips, back and legs are not hurting as much. At the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, they have an enthusiastic team of caring and friendly supporters and are very skilled at what they do!”

- Sharon Crook

“I could not sleep through the night and would wake up several times with arms and hands in terrible pain or numb. My lower back also hurt at night. Because of these problems, I had to sleep in a recliner or flat on my back. Now, after starting treatment with Drs. Peseau, I am much better, in fact, I’m rather surprised by my progress. I can sleep through the night with little to no pain. I do not feel as old as I was feeling. The doctors give you more treatment options and use a more holistic approach to healing.”

- Linda Jacobus

“I would wake up from a dead sleep in pain in my feet. My sciatica and foot pain was so bad and I was in constant pain. My left knee was also quite a huge factor. Now, after getting treatment at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic , my knees do not hurt and I sleep all night without pain. I am 90% pain free during my work day and am back to the gym, doing yard work and able to perform my work as a truck driver all night without pain! I am back to normal activities without pain. The decompression program has done what “regular” chiropractic was unable to do. It is a real blessing to be without pain and to live a regular, normal life without pain. Thank you, Dr. Peseau for all you have done!”

- Paul Kratz

“I have had a 25% reduction in the neuropathic pain in my feet and am encouraged! The doctors are very attentive toward clients.”

- Jerry Moyer

“I had endured severe foot pain from neuropathy for several years. It seriously interfered with my sleep, resulting in retirement several years before I had intended to end my career. I sought help from several medical professionals who told me that there was nothing that could be done to alleviate the pain other than to take strong medicines. My wife found an ad for Dr. Peseau and I went in, was evaluated, and Dr. Peseau explained the cause of my foot pain and recommended a treatment plan. After my 4th treatment, my foot pain started to go away! After a month, I experienced no more neuropathic foot pain! I am now sleeping well every night and am living an active life again. The Arlington Spine Center has unique equipment and the doctors have specialized training to help neuropathy patients. The treatment is painless and the doctors are excellent communicators. I am so blessed to have found them!”

- Ken Taylor

“I came to this clinic after an E.R. visit where I was certain I was having a heart attack, but Dr. Peseau explained the source of my arm and hand pain was a neuropathy from a spine problem. My pain hurt so bad I was in tears, but now with care from Drs. Peseau I am able to smile and I am able to endure. Along with their staff, they treat patients like family. I would recommend the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic to anyone!”

- Eric Russell

“Before, I had been suffering intensive pain, mostly in my legs and feet and it was so bad, that I had a hard time walking and the burning pain in my feet made sleeping almost impossible. After consulting and getting an exam, I found out that the problem was due to a pinched nerve in my lower back, so I began a treatment program of decompression, adjusting and therapy. Now, I feel 100% better. I can walk and sleep very well. Also, when I breathe, I feel like I just took my first breath! I can now bend down at the waist and not get stuck. I am very grateful to have discovered the doctors here and can now live a happy comfortable life! The doctors and staff are very comforting and friendly. They take time to focus on the actual problem regardless of what it is!”

- Celeste Loney

“I had neuropathy in my legs and feet and could not walk for any length of time. I would be pooped out by 11or 12 but now after treatment, I can go till at least 4pm and can walk farther. I can drive farther, I can stand at the sink longer, and my balance is better!”

- Lynn Hustace

“Before coming to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I was unable to do things I enjoy, like camping and gardening because of my foot neuropathy and sciatica from my low back. Since I have been receiving treatments from Dr.Peseau, I feel much happier and not in constant pain! I can now walk. I look forward to continue to feel better and enjoy my life again. The doctors and staff here want to help you feel better and not just take another pill, but really fix the problem causing the symptoms!”

- Trish Gilbert

“I had a hard time moving my head to the left and had neuropathies in my feet that caused the sensation of needles sticking into my feet and numbness most of the time. This was causing me to lose sleep. Now, as I am going through the treatment program, I have more motion in my neck, less pain in my feet and I sleep much better. I am more comfortable at work and am walking better. I am feeling better, much more relaxed and am looking forward to continued improvement. The doctors and staff are a friendly group, informative and this is a relaxed place to visit.”

- Steven Clark

“I had constant discomfort in my lower back and pain, numbness and tingling in my leg and foot. Now my condition has improved and I am ready to go back to work! Very personalized care, they want to see your quality of life improve!”

- Cody Brereton

“Before coming to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I had ongoing pain and stiffness for years due to an automobile accident and my scoliosis. After my treatment here, I now have very slight and only occasional . I am now able to sit, sleep on my back and perform medium lifting. Listen to Drs. Peseau as they will give you wholistic advice. FroRead More“Before coming to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I had ongoing pain and stiffness for years due to an automobile accident and my scoliosis. After my treatment here, I now have very slight and only occasional . I am now able to sit, sleep on my back and perform medium lifting. Listen to Drs. Peseau as they will give you wholistic advice. From the start, the focus on a better, more accurate diagnosis and therefore a better prognosis for recovery.”

- Thomas Curtis

“Due to an auto accident, I was in excruciating pain in the neck, upper back, ribs and lower back. I had trouble walking and sitting comfortably. Now, after my treatment, my pain has been reduced and my walking and overall range of motion has improved. I am sleeping better. I am able to take out the garbage, do laundry, wash my car and sit for longer periods of time. I have increased range of motion. I am more confident that when I go to bed, I will sleep and feel better in the morning and that I wont be a hunchback and that recovery is possible. The doctors at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic truly care about their patients by getting to know them on a first name basis. They are Holy spirit filled and use the power of Jesus to heal me.”

- Steven Tasoff

“The Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic is different than other clinics I have been to because here, they all care about everyone that comes into their clinic. They are all kind. They make sure that you will get taken care of and get you pain free.”

- Fawn Young

“Love the doctors and staff, they are very caring!”

- Deborah Morris

“Very efficient & very effective, a great team of doctors and staff here! I appreciate the care and have improved 60-90% since starting my treatment. I still drive 1 hour to come here to see Dr. Peseau and have been helped through two joint replacements as well as chronic headaches and lower back pain.”

- Dion Rumney

“Before coming to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I was in pain all the time, I felt hopeless and old and like I was going to never feel good again. Now, after starting my treatment plan, I feel positive, hopefull and excited, almost like I am starting a whole new life. I can stay active longer without having to lay down and I can drive longer. I feel great, like I am improving daily and am excited to keep on getting better! The doctors and staff are wonderfull, they actually care about you as a person and they are interested in you and your particular situation. They are the best I have ever seen!”

- Janna Paris

“After my treatment at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I feel more limber in my back and I have far less “seizing up” episodes and less spasm. Gold is easier and now I come closer to touching my toes. I walk more upright and with less pain in my back and I think chiropractic frees the body’s God-given healing ability. The doctors and staff here are mainly, more personable and more friendly in a casual way.”

-Allen Backstrom

“It is such a blessing to be without pain. I look forward every morning to do one more thing on my bucket list! Before coming in, I had excruciating pain in my left hip and leg cramps that caused me to be unable to walk correctly. I am now able to do some house chores, walk through grocery shopping and have more restful sleep.”

- Mary Buzzell

“It’s hard to find words to describe my experience. I just have to say they are the best!”

- Elizabeth Anderson

“The doctors at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic get right to the problem and stay on it until it is done. Before coming here, I had frequent leg cramps, mostly in my left leg. Since finishing treatment, I have no cramps, am sleeping soundly and am walking again.”

- William Anderson

“When I came in, I was in so much pain on my left side and in my leg. Now, pain is almost gone! Amazing!”

- Theresa Jennings

“Very flexible schedule, friendly staff who gets to know you. Dr. Peseau does a great job educating about conditions and has advanced technology tom treat a variety of problems. Before coming to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I had daily headaches and foot pain that made it hurt to walk and I was limping when I got up from rest. Now, after Read More“Very flexible schedule, friendly staff who gets to know you. Dr. Peseau does a great job educating about conditions and has advanced technology tom treat a variety of problems. Before coming to the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I had daily headaches and foot pain that made it hurt to walk and I was limping when I got up from rest. Now, after going through their treatment program, my headaches are much less frequent now. Dr. Peseau worked on my foot and identified a heel spur. He has been treating it and also referred me to a podiatrist. Between both doctors treatments, I am able to walk without pain and often forget that there was anything wrong.”

- Maricel Halmo

“I was in constant excruciating pain and had a hard time doing simple tasks. Now, my pain is drastically reduced. I am swimming and riding my bike. I can dance with my 2 year old granddaughter! I can clean my house which is a big deal to me. If you want to change your life for the better, I recommend Drs. Peseau. They are very personable. The whole staff is so concerned for your health. Totally awesome!”

- Helena Gerlach

“My back and neck were so tight and I was in constant pain. I couldn’t hold kids without my back hurting so badly. I could barely walk. I also had terrible constant headaches from the neck pain. After my treatments, my back has gotten soooo much better!!! My back doesn’t hurt after holding kids and my neck has so much more range of motion. MyRead More“My back and neck were so tight and I was in constant pain. I couldn’t hold kids without my back hurting so badly. I could barely walk. I also had terrible constant headaches from the neck pain. After my treatments, my back has gotten soooo much better!!! My back doesn’t hurt after holding kids and my neck has so much more range of motion. My headaches have all but disappeared. I can sit at my desk at work and not have to take Tylenol every 3 hours just to be able to hold my phone. Dr. Rhonda Peseau takes time to listen to my concerns. She explained the tools she used and what they did. She really seems like she cares about her patients and wants them to get better!”

- Melissa Spencer

“Everything the doctors at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic tell me is in a manner that I can understand. Listen to what they say! The very best.”

- Martenius Akkerman

“My constant pain is gone! I have limited experience with other doctors but here, they seem very personal and friendly and are authentically concerned for your well-being and recovery. Don’t bother going anywhere else!”

- Cody Moskop

“I was in constant pain in my left hip, buttock and knee and was using a cane to walk. I had to discontinue my walking and exercise routine. I also discontinued gardening and routine housekeeping. Now after decompression treatment I am having almost no pain and am able to resume almost all activities. I am delighted of becoming more mobile and am able to take part in my church and community events. Doctors Scott and Rhonda are very warm and genuine in addition to being thorough in their treatment plan. The staff is fantastic. Everyone is so cheer full. What joy when you are suffering to see smiling faces!”

- Mary Buzzle

“I can’t express the pain and trouble I was in before coming in. Everything hurt! Now, I am so improved and grateful. I am so thankful for the treatments and resulting improvements and look forward to each day without the previous pain. I can now work an 8 hour shift and not hurt like I did. I am doing better with walking and have regained my balance. Everyone here is wonderful. I am very comfortable coming in. Very caring, professional and warm office and staff!”

- Diane VonVolkenburg

“I was in constant pain. I could not sit, stand or lie down for long periods of time. Walking my children to ½ mile to school left me in pain for days. Sleep was difficult because of pain. Now after following Dr. Peseau's treatment plan, I feel so much better. I can run and play with my children and I have almost no pain. I can sleep at night and I even got a part time job, standing, which I could have never done before! I currently walk/jog at least 9 miles a week. I can actually run 1.5 miles without stopping for the first time in almost 5 years. It is easier to sleep and do all the things it takes to run a household. After getting hurt, before starting Dr. Peseau’s treatment, I gained nearly 100lbs. After starting treatment with Dr. Peseau, I have lost much of the weight and it feels good just to do things. I enjoy life so much more!”

- Grace Selsor

“I had my back hurting so bad I could hardly stand at times! Now, after treatment, I am much better and the pain is a lot less, in fact, the majority of the time I now has zero pain! I can touch my toes with ease. The doctors and staff are very caring.”

- Linda Cope

“I had been to a physical therapist for 6 months a year ago with very little improvement to show for it. I came to see Dr. Peseau at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic 5 weeks ago and was examined and got an x-ray which showed the real reason for my lower back pain and why I was not healing with previous attempts of treatment. I am now on the road to recovery! I feel a lot better knowing it wasn’t “all in my head” after all and am glad my lower spine can be corrected or improved. Now, I can put all of my weight on my left leg and I can stand for longer periods of time at work without fatigue. I feel I have a new lease on life and if I continue with Dr. Peseau’s recommendations, I can remain youthful, pain free and more flexible as long as possible. I really appreciate the care I’ve received from the staff and have referred my family, friends and co-workers.”

- Dixie Stuart

“I am a soccer referee and had difficulty doing more than two games per day due to bad sciatica, Achilles tendonitis and difficulty taking deep breaths. Now, after receiving treatment from Dr. Peseau at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, my sciatica is improving dramatically, the Achilles tendonitis is almost gone and my breathing has improved considerably. I am able to referee as many as five soccer games in a row now! I appreciate Dr. Peseau’s flexibility with my schedule and the techniques he uses in delivering treatment are outstanding. I really enjoy my visits!”

- Christopher Kincaid

“Before coming to see Dr. Peseau at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic I had multiple injuries from playing high level soccer. I tried physical therapy for months without success and was then referred to Dr. Peseau, who performed a thorough examination and took x-rays which showed the source of my many injuries. I received a comprehensive treatment plan which included treatments in the office as well as a home care plan for inflammation reduction and stretching. Within weeks, I began to feel significantly better and now I feel great. I can run again and play soccer, without pain! I would recommend Dr. Peseau at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic to anyone who is having pain. The doctors and staff are very personable and time is taken for everyone with a great personal level of communication.”

- Jack Lindley

“Drs. Peseau and their staff are wonderful, probably the kindest people you will ever meet. They acknowledge your existence and socialize with you like you are a person, not just a patient! Before coming to the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I had severe back pain, neck pain and hip pain. Exercise definitely was not comfortable. Now, after having treatment with Dr. Peseau, I have zero pain and my back and neck feel stronger and better as the visits go on. I can take long hikes and withstand higher inclines now that I have been going to the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic. The pain of climbing mountains and going over logs and downed trees has lessened greatly.”

- Rachel Stuart

“I had fallen down the stairs and had horrible pain in my back and shoulder. Now after beginning treatment at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, my back is improving and my shoulder is much better. I do have more flexibility in my back also. I can tell you the staff and Drs. Peseau are there to help you, the individual, and your needs and concerns are always addressed with caring concern and professionalism. Overall, a wonderful experience for someone suffering, in pain and scared.”

- Annette Patterson

“I have been a patient of Dr. Peseau for over 20 years and he has always taught me valuable health lessons in how to “age gracefully” by practicing healthy living through diet, exercise and most importantly, regular spine maintenance through chiropractic care. My children all received gentle treatments from Dr. Peseau as they were growing up. I am now in good condition overall and understand the need to maintain my back alignment. I have a higher level of activity in life for my age due to the care I have received from Dr. Peseau. He is knowledgeable and caring and he puts his patients care at the top of his priority list.”

- Sandra Colebourne

“Before coming to see Dr. Peseau at the the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I used to get headaches all the time and my back would constantly ache. I am an athlete swimmer and my symptoms were the result of years of swimming and turning my neck and head a million times as I swam. Now, after treatment, I rarely get headaches and my back is so much better. I see Dr. Peseau now for maintenance care to keep my back in great shape and keep any symptoms to a minimum. The Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic is the only chiropractic clinic I have been to and the environment is very friendly and relaxing. Everyone working there is very amiable and willing to help. It is very genuine there!”

- Jennifer Dominowski

“When I was referred by my good friend to Dr. Peseau at the the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I had an almost constant headache, a very stiff neck and severe lower back pain. The doctors explained the causes of my symptoms and gave me a realistic treatment schedule to follow. Now, I feel great and all of my previous pains are GONE! I feel younger than I am and more agile. The doctors at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic really care about their patients.”

- Vickie McCuistion

“I should have come here a long time ago, they totally amazed me!”

- Christina Leslie

“I had severe pain in my neck due to my work as a barber for so many years. Now after treatment, I am much better and hardly have any problems anymore. I can turn my head! Chiropractic has really helped me with work. Everybody at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic is great!”

- Darin Helt

“They are caring and want to improve my health! I feel much better and have improved much. I am able to bend over and sleep without pain. Chiropractic treatment at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic is a good thing to do.”

- Gwen Sullivan

“I had a lower back that was very painful. I could not bend nor move without pain. Now, after treatment, I am almost pain free during normal non lifting activity. I am stiff in the morning but pain is minimal. I can sit or lay and get back up and can bend over without pain! I have been converted! When I initially called in pain for an appointment, the office got me in that day, and Dr. Peseau even treated me over that weekend on Saturday and Sunday, which really helped my recovery!”

- Richard Fletcher

“I could not stand up straight and was in extreme lower back pain. Now after treatment, I do not notice any pain in my lower back except on rare instances. I can now walk, ride my bike and pick up my daughter. In the past, when I went to my primary care doctor (MD), I was treated with Vicodin and muscle relaxants. Chiropractic has treated the cause of my back problems, not just the symptoms. The doctors Scott and Rhonda Peseau at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic have put together a plan for me, and when I stay on it, I definitely see the benefits. It does not involve drugs. They have a genuine interest in treating the cause of my back pain.”

- Larry Delaney

“I had my back hurting so bad I could hardly stand at times. Now, after treatment, I feel much better, the pain is a lot less and I can touch my toes with ease! The doctors and staff are very caring.”

- Linda Cope

“My back was always hurting, whether I was standing, sitting or lying down. I was hunched over with really bad posture. Now, after treatment, I am standing up straighter, I can sleep without pain, and I feel like I won’t be the “hunched over old guy”! I am chopping wood quicker and have more energy. The doctors and staff at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic are nice, they know my name and I don’t feel as though I am just a number! Thanks!”

- Eric Leslie

“Before coming to the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I was having debilitating migraines almost constantly. I was resigned to just living with them and suffering for a lifetime. Then I met Dr. Peseau and he explained that my headaches were coming from a pinched nerve in my neck and progressively poor posture. He started me on a corrective treatment program which I completed and now I enjoy periodic maintenance care. Since starting treatment 3 years ago, I have only had 1 migraine headache! I love my doctor’s and staff at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic because they really care and take the time to teach you how to take better care of your body for a lifetime. They are fantastic coaches and really motivate you to live a better, healthier and pain free life!”

- Vesta Neue

“I have been a patient now at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic for several years and love being able to maintain a pain free lifestyle. Before coming in I had lots of pain and quite frankly was resigned to living with it even though it would worsen with each passing year. I came to the clinic after responding to a coupon and was skeptical at first, but Dr. Peseau immediately put me at ease and accepted me into his “PAIN RELIEF TRIAL” where he allowed me to try his methods for a week to see if they would work for me. What a miracle! Immediately my pain melted away and I began experiencing a life I had not enjoyed for years. After completing the corrective part of my care, Dr. Peseau recommended a treatment schedule in which I return once per month which allows me to live virtually pain free between visits. I enjoy my life again and everyone at the spine center treats you like family.”

- Donna Beesley

“I am on a quest to regain and rebuild my health and came to Drs. Scott and Rhonda Peseau after meeting them in an exercise class. They both take great pride in their own health and in helping others achieve higher levels of well-being through simple to learn systems. I attended Dr. Peseau’s ½ hour class where he teaches you some very effective home back care procedures which have made a huge impact on how well I feel. I am now able to lie on my side or back and also stretch or reach, all of which I was unable to do without excruciating pain prior to seeing Dr. Peseau. I am now looking forward to quality years ahead! Everyone in the office is very professional and personable. GREAT JOB!”

- Gary Nelson

“Before coming in I had severe pain in my lower back with tingling in my feet and pain in my right hip. Dr. Peseau was very thorough in his exam and explanation of my condition. He put me on a very affordable payment plan and now after a few short months, I have much less pain in my lower back and the pain in my hip has gradually decreased. Basically, I am able to walk long distances and am able to stand longer which opens up so many more options for me in terms of my work and home activities. When I first came to the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, frankly, I had lost hope of ever living pain free. Now I have hope again and feel like I have the tools to improve my condition and as Dr. Peseau says, “practice reverse ageing”!!! The staff at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic has treatment programs that are easy to follow and really work. They motivate you to regain your health. I now look forward to my future! Thank you.”

- James Darrow

“I have always had problems with my lower back and neck and have seen many chiropractors in my life, but since coming in to see Dr. Peseau, I feel so much better. My pain is much better and my range of motion has dramatically increased. Being in my 70’s, I take great pride in maintaining an active lifestyle and I can work in the yard and enjoy my days now with much less pain! I am bending over easier, standing straighter, and my neck moves so much easier! The overall benefits of Dr. Peseau’s treatment is in keeping my body in much better shape and slowing down the effects of ageing. Overall, the doctors and staff at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic are very friendly and caring about the patients!”

- Gwen Sullivan

“Before coming to Dr. Peseau, I was in so much lower back pain that I was only able to sleep 1-2 hours per night and that was on the hard floor. After starting my treatment at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I feel much better now and am back to regular sleep hours in my own bed. I am walking 20-25 miles per week and am able to play golf and work in the yard PAIN FREE!I now look forward to many years of PAIN FREE LIVING. The doctors and staff all have great caring skills and they are doing their best to help you get better ASAP!!”

- Gary Maffet

“Before coming in, I had constant knee pain that did not improve with months of physical therapy and medical treatment. After 30 days with Dr. Peseau’s treatment program, I am now completely pain free and able to be very active in sports every day. AMAZING! Everyone in the office makes you feel right at home and treats you great. It is such a friendly, loving environment and I love being here!”

- Victoria Brown

“My neck and back were hurting very much when I first came in to see Dr. Peseau. Now I feel much better. The doctors and staff all care for the patients they see with smiles on their faces all the time.”

- Don Thoms

“I was totally miserable, in a lot of pain in my neck, shoulder, arm and wrist prior to coming here. I had trouble sleeping at night because of the pain. My neck hurt so bad that I had to hold it in order to turn in bed or get up from bed. I was getting desperate to find relief because the doctors and their prescriptions were not giving me relief. All the pain medicine I took was giving me stomach problems and nausea. After starting treatment at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I do not have near as much pain now and I can sleep at night without medicine. I have mobility in my neck that I did not have before and I do not have to support my neck when turning in bed. It is re-assuring to know that I do not have to go through sleepless nights with suffering and pain. With the help of Drs. Peseau and the latest technologies and techniques of spinal manipulation and decompression therapy, I am looking forward to a better quality of life. I highly recommend the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic for people like me who are suffering from neck, back, arm and leg pains. They will feel comfortable coming for treatment and get total care, because Drs. Peseau and the staff are hospitable, caring and very attentive to each patient’s condition. I am so thankful.”

- Lea Graves

“I had intense burning pain going down the leg. I could hardly make it through a grocery store to do my shopping. Just walking was extremely difficult. Thank heaven for the decompression treatment at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic! Life is worth living again. I come from a family history of not believing in chiropractic, but I was in so much pain, I responded to a telemarketing call offering a free evaluation by Dr. Peseau. What I found was a doctor and staff that are friendly, very helpful and informative. Thank you for that phone call, what a blessing!”

- Shirley Marihugh

“The doctors and staff at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic are great. I had never been to a chiropractor before coming here. I like the warm feeling that I get when I enter the clinic. The doctor is great! I feel relaxed and like a new person. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a chiropractor. When you go there, they know how to take care of you.”

- Sandra Hubbard

“I came in with lots of pain, now I have less pain and can lift more weight. The doctors and staff are great!”

- Mathew Davis

“I am sleeping better and getting a better quality of life. My lower back tightness and pain are almost alleviated. All the doctors and staff seem to care not only about how you are feeling, but care about you and are interested in hearing about you.”

- Todd Summers

“I could not walk upright and I was bent over and could only walk short distances. I could not sit and could only get comfortable lying on my back. Now after treatment at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, my back pain is mostly gone, the sciatica pain is gone and I can walk, sit and stand are not bad anymore. The decompression treatment has helped relieve the sciatica pain making it possible to be active again. The doctors here seem to want to find a solution that will fix your problem.”

- Paula Shockman

“Before coming in, I felt extremely frustrated. My knee pain had altered my active life and I was not finding relief through physical therapy. My knee pain before treatment was a constant part of my every day for 8 months and now I have relief throughout the day. I feel that we have isolated the source of my pain and are positively working through the cause, which comes from my spine. The doctors at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic use special techniques to help aid their patients, but the asset they utilize most is their ability to listen and then use what they have learned about their patient’s condition to arrive at a successful treatment plan. Then they continue to listen to their patients and adjust the treatment as needed.”

- Julie Witte

“I suffered from chronic headaches, neck and back pain, right arm and leg pain (sciatica). After starting treatment at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, I have muck less frequent headaches and my neck/back pain and sciatica are much better! The doctors use different techniques and devices to reduce pain. They use different techniques to manipulate the spine than other doctors I have been to. The treatment has been highly effective and seems to help me.”

- Gary Lewis

“When I came to Drs. Peseau, I was in pain to the point I wanted to cry. Now I am not in near as much pain and I am on the right track to recovery. I can make it through the whole day with much less pain. With continuing care, I will be able to return to the normal activities that I love, especially gardening. The doctors and staff are all very nice and caring.”

- Helen Conrady

“When I first came to this office, I was hopeless, sad, and felt like I was old before my time. I felt like there was no way of improving my pain issues and I was just going to feel broken and hurt for the rest of my life. Now, after beginning treatment, I feel like there is hope back in my life, that I can improve, and the doctors and staff really care about me and my situation. I feel like I can get better instead of feeling like there is no hope. Also, since beginning treatment, I can be active longer during the day. I don’t cry at night from the pain in my body. Driving does not hurt as bad as it used to. I can’t wait to keep improving every day! This is changing my life in a wonderful and positive way. I am excited about feeling young again! The doctors and staff here are like no other! They truly care about people as individuals. They have true compassion for my situation and what I have been going through and you just know in their hearts. They are wonderful! I wish all doctors could be so great!”

- Janna Paris

“I had years of pain including headaches, neck pain, mid back and low back pain. I came in for a consultation and examination with Dr. Peseau and received a thorough exam and explanation of the “causes of my condition” and was given treatment choices. Now, after beginning treatment, I feel much better. I used to have so much pain in my neck that I would have to turn my whole body to look sideways. Now I can move my neck side to side and my pain has decreased from 8/10 to1-2/10! Now I feel hopeful that I will be able to stay active, realizing my spine, rigid joints and muscles are not stuck! The future looks and also feels great! This office is very caring, knowledgeable and they have current technologies and equipment available on site. They are very accommodating and customer oriented. Not just a business, but a lifestyle and passion. They are all committed to your wellbeing!”

- Nancy Cote, RN

“I hurt constantly, could not stand to be touched on my back or hugged etc… I had a constant headache and a lump on the right side of my neck that always ached. Now with the treatment I have received from Drs. Peseau, hugs are great again! The lump in my neck has disappeared. My back is pretty stable and my headaches are rare! Now I can lay on my back, hug, turn my neck, perform household duties, garden and best of all, play with my grandkids! The doctors and staff are always very helpful, friendly and caring. You feel as though you are part of the family. The informative, educational information provided by Dr.Peseau is always given in a genuine caring manner. One of the best things I have done for me and my family was seeking care and treatment at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic!”

- Paul Smith

“Very friendly, helpful staff. Other offices herd people in like cattle, then treat them as “cash machines” trying to sell them all manner of services and devices. There is no “sell” going on at the Arlington spine Center, just wellness care.”

- Mary Drush

“After being involved in an auto accident, I had a sore and stiff back and a painful wrist. I met with Dr. Peseau, who performed an examination and explained my x-rays and treatment plan in an easy to understand way. I have kept all of my appointments and have been faithful with my home care program Dr. Peseau recommended and now I am virtually PAIN FREE in all affected areas. This has been my first chiropractic experience, and the staff is very friendly, accommodating and willing to help and work with your schedule!”

- Mathew Moore

“I got into a car accident and was having severe neck pain and some back pain. I was having trouble at work because I could not move my neck very much or lift stuff easily. Within two visits I started feeling better. Now, after 10 visits, I am feeling next to no pain. Its amazing how much better I feel! Now I can perform my job duties 100%. The doctors and staff at the Non-surgical Pain Relief Clinic are so professional and helpful. You are not just another patient and they actually care about you. Thank you so much!”

- Amy Briggs

“I’ve been to other clinics and they did nothing for me. Since my auto accident, I started seeing Dr. Peseau, I have had significant improvement. The neck pain which caused tingling into my arm and shoulder are gone. Living without pain is great!”

- Alice Sturgeon

“I can’t express the pain and trouble I was having before coming in. Now after treatment, I am so improved and grateful! I can work an 8 hour shift on my feet and not hurt. I am doing better with walking, have less headaches and fewer muscle spasms. Now I feel better walking. Very friendly staff and very flexible schedule. Very thorough Doctors!”

- Matt DeBerry

“Very personable and friendly doctors and staff! You care for your patients. You have made us feel welcome and that our conditions are getting treated properly and efficiently. I feel we are making great steps towards full recovery.”

- Amanda Hargroves

“I came in with pain in the shoulder, neck, mid and lower back and now after treatment I have no pain, and only have slight stiffness that comes and goes. I can now do regular activities that were difficult before treatment. I believe that recovery would have been much longer if not impossible without my chiropractor. The clinic staff is very friendly and helpful.”

- Shani Rowel

“The doctors and staff are very helpful and sincere and recommend proper procedures and keep patients moving in a positive direction of health. They truly care about the outcome of recovery.”

- Jeri DuBeau

“After an auto accident, I felt severe neck pain, daily splitting headaches and out of balance. Now after treatment I feel 98% better! The doctors and staff just feel like home to me.”

- Bertha Tan

“My neck was in constant pain, it hurt to turn my head, and the pain traveled from my neck to my shoulder and back. Now my shoulder and back pain are gone. My neck has gotten so much better and I am able to move my neck with no pain! Drs. Peseau and staff are excellent and very helpful. They came very highly recommended.”

- Marijune Turner

“I was in an auto accident and my neck hurt all of the time and I had constant daily headaches. Just getting through each day was difficult because of the pain. Now, after treatment at the Non Surgical Pain Relief Clinic, my neck does not hurt very much and I have days when it does not hurt at all and my headaches have almost gone completely away! I feel the staff here cares about my health and helping me regain my health. I also feel they love what they do and really care about their clients!”

- Debra Morris

“The doctors and staff here are TOP NOTCH! They care all the way through and it shows and most doctors elsewhere don’t show this level of concern. Thanks guys!”

- Chris Hall

“I came into the Arlington Spine Center with pain in the lower back and left hip and walk with some difficulty. The hip really hurt. Now after treatment, I am walking more freely. It is good to be more mobile. I hope for continual improvement and want to delay any hip surgery into the far future, if I need it at all. I now see the body as having an inborn, ability to heal itself with the help, in this case of chiropractic treatment. My doctors here listen to me, listen to what I want for treatment and incorporate it into a treatment plan to get me better!”

- Allen Backstrom

“I was in constant pain from a car accident. My brain was fuzzy and I kept forgetting things. This was very difficult for me since I am a 3rd degree black belt and martial arts instructor. Getting adjusted gave me an immediate sense of wellbeing and I am moving much more freely now with the treatment. My martial arts training is safer and better, and I have much less pain from sitting in my office chair at work. Once my corrective care program is complete, I plan on making chiropractic care a permanent part of my preventative health program. I am extremely grateful for the caring attitude of all of the staff and doctors. Everyone seems happy there and they treat people with high value. They seem to make it their mission to improve your quality of life in every way possible. Way above and beyond any expectation!”

- Kelly Carman

“I have never been to a chiropractor before but I’ve had an excellent experience here!”

- Erica Schmidt


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